Our History


In 1973, having just moved to Danville, Pat Cassell was talking to her good friend Rose Gaubert, a flower show judge, about the need for a local hands-on garden club.  Pat’s penchant for a dirt gardening club format, Rose’s experience as an avid propagator, and their desire to focus on more than flower arranging all came together as the beginnings of our current Club.  Danville was then a sparsely populated town of about 20,000, so Rose suggested including nearby Alamo–hence the Danville-Alamo Garden Club.


Pat’s diligent research and many helping hands led to the formation & structure of the Club. Besides Rose’s enthusiastic suggestions, Pat was assisted by Dorothy Grossman and Donna Hotsetter (Presidents in 1974-75).  Pivotal input from Heather Farms identified potential members already enjoying gardening education at this Walnut Creek venue, as well as possible speakers & tours.  Navlet’s Nursery, one of the Club’s first sponsors, suggested speakers for Club programs and donated plants for local beautification projects.  Input from other garden clubs helped Pat draft the Bylaws governing Club functions.


In addition to the camaraderie and shared learning from tours and lectures, it was important to our Founders and written into our Objectives that the Club contribute to the local community.  Early efforts included community beautification projects such as planting school gardens, as well as donating funds for Heather Farms’ planned garden expansion, for tree plantings along Danville Boulevard, for reforestation (Penny Pines), and for land preservation projects initiated by Save Mt. Diablo.  To support these community service projects, the Club sponsored fundraisers such as English teas, floral arranging demonstrations, home garden tours, white elephant sales and McCaulou’s store inventory work shifts.

Our membership is now 150 strong, a testament to the vision and organization of an amazing group of women.  Our Club continues in their spirit of friendship, learning, and civic involvement, enduring the test of over three and a half decades.

History-Early Documents

Remembering Days Gone By
In the September 2020 newsletter, one of our earliest members, Ann Schultzel, shared some of her early DAGC memories in the following article.

Days Gone By

Our Past Presidents

On behalf of the entire Danville Alamo Garden Club Membership, we honor our past Presidents.

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank each President for their dedication, commitment and leadership to our club since 1973. This is truly a testament to the vision and organization of an amazing club.

We cherish each President for their heartfelt friendships and time. Even after serving their term, they continue to stay active in many board and support positions. It’s because of their support that our club continues to thrive with 150 members.  Thank you again, to each of you, for maintaining the spirit of friendship, continued learning, engaging activities and supporting our community outreach. 

Patricia Cassell1973-1974Betty Powell1986-1987Linda Loveall2003-2004
Donna Hostetter/
Dorothy Grossman
1974-1975Shirley Leavitt1987-1988Linda Loveall/
Judy Scardino
Ann Schultzel1975-1976Mary Fishencor1988-1990Jan Hamby/Kathy Till2005-2007
Nancy Goreth1976-1977Judy Scardino1990-1992Carol Sayers2007-2009
Dorie Grant1977-1978Louise Waas1992-1993Louise Wiggins2009-2010
Kathy Trowbridge1978-1979Judy Scardino1993-1994Sheila Truschke2010-2012
Jane Beamer1979-1980Jan Hamby1994-1996Sharon Williams2012-2015
Sally Bonini1980-1981Judy Scardino1996-1997Rebecca Byrom2015-2017
Lee Bourdo1981-1982Nancy Goreth1997-2000Sharon Williams2017-2019
Peggy Shea1982-1984Karen Schauber2000-2002Linda Scotting2019-2022
Gloria Rasmussen1984-1986Audrey Van Poppel2002-2003Susan Polk2022-2023

As the years go by, we progress

Header from first Club website

In 2009 our first website was created by Jack Acton, the son of one of our members. With the changes in technology by 2021 it was clear that we needed to move with the times and update our online presence.

In 2022 this new website was launched.